Uplift your Bingo Spirits at New Look Bingo

By | September 22, 2014

We’ve reached the final days of the bright and lovely summer season. So, its time to bid goodbye to the bright days and get ready for some dry time. Do not let down your spirits down, for if you are joining at New Look Bingo you can expect some really fun time and games.

Putting forth some really bright and fun-filled summer fun, New Look Bingo is not done with its bingo fiesta. The bingo rooms are again stacked with a bulk of excitement and games.

The free bingo fiesta is one of the most happening things at the site. The fun is packed with 24/7 entertainment. You do not have to spend even a penny to be a part of the fun and games.

There are two bingo rooms dedicated to the free fun. One is the Free Room where in you are free to play even without making a deposit.


Another one is the Free Cash Bingo room (90 ball bingo room) for all veteran players to indulge in for some good free bingo action. That is not all, you even have the option to purchase bingo tickets and claim extra tickets for free. A single bingo ticket will cost you just a penny. And, when you buy 10 tickets you can claim another 10 extra tickets for free. That means the more tickets you buy the bigger value of tickets you can grab.


An addition offering is the Break Time Quizzer. Whilst you wait for your next game to begin, you can join in for the Break Time Quizzer where in you have to answer simple questions asked by the chat hosts and win up to 100 bingo tickets for free. Why while time, when you can make some real good fun in between your bingo games.


Topping it all, do not forget to check out the daily offerings. For every single day there is a special deal to gang out with. If you are yet to explore the fun, get started today! To know your daily treats, move on to New Look Bingo soon.