True Brit’ Bingo!

By | September 26, 2017

The English love a game of Bingo. An estimated £12 billion is made per year from bingo alone, making up 9% of the total gambling market worth. There are many reasons as to why it has become so popular in England.

Over 8% of the UK Population plays Bingo, 10% of all females and 5% of all males. Just in the UK alone there are over 400 Bingo Halls! Recent polls of UK players has revealed that 3.4 million people play online bingo, turning over £600 million for the industry each year. Another surprising statistic is that about 50% of all online bingo players play the game daily, and 40% have been playing online bingo for more than five years.british flag

Bingo is a simple game, a bingo caller calls out the numbers and if you have it on your Bingo card, you mark it, if you’re the first person to mark all of your numbers, you shout out bingo and you win. Obviously there has to be a bit of luck along the way, but thanks to its simplicity, anyone can play it, the more the merrier as we Brits like to say.

It’s a great way to socialise and although stereotypically the Brits are known as being less social than some of their European counterparts, when it comes to Bingo, we love to all join together and enjoy a laugh and a flutter. The Bingo community is huge and not only can you spend time socialising with friends, but while you’re playing you can also make some new ones.

The fact that the numbers have nicknames is another reason why we love Bingo. There are many famous ones, including ‘Legs eleven’ – 11, ‘Unlucky for some’ – 13, ‘Two little ducks’ – 22 and ‘Top of the shop’ – 90. However the most famous nickname is probably ‘Two fat ladies’ – 88, but all of these provide a sense of personality to the game and provides the perfect opportunity for the players to join in with the Bingo caller when calling out the numbers. Recently bingo has grown in popularity online with website like bringing in a really varied audience in terms of age and interests.

There are lots of varieties of Bingo games believe it or not with 75, 80 and 90 ball variations. You can also play themed Bingos as well so there is plenty of choice for anyone wanting to get into playing Bingo. If you can find the right deal, it can be cheap and provide some big jackpots making it more appealing to players, who doesn’t like a low risk, high gain game?

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