Tombola Arcade Review

By | August 20, 2016

Are you tired of playing the same casino games and the same type of bingo games online? If so then there is a brand new gaming site we think you are going to be very interested in playing at this new site – so go ahead and read our Tombola Arcade review before you make your first deposit and try out their games.

This brand new must playing gaming site has taken a completely different approach to the range and type of games they have on offer, for they offer a large and growing range of very unique arcade games which you are going to find much more exciting than the games you are used to playing online.

So if you are seeking out some very exciting gaming sessions online then please do read on for we just know Tombola Arcade is going to be of interest to you!tombola arcade logo

What’s Unique about Tombola Arcade?

Let us now give you a deep insight into just what makes playing at Tombola Arcade so very exciting, for they have some very unique games, plenty of value packed bonus offers and loads of other things you are going to want to know about!

Instant Play Games – The very first thing you will need to know about Tombola Arcade is that you will be accessing all of their games via an instant play type of gaming platform. That platform has been designed to be accessible via any type of web browser and as such you will be able to play their range of games instantly and with no hanging around.

Mobile Compatible Games – As more and more players tend to now use some form of touch screen mobile device to gamble and play a range of different games online, if you are one of those players then you will be pleased to learn that Tombola Arcade also have a mobile device compatible gaming platform that comes with just as many games as their online platform offers!

Low Staking Options – Gone have the days when you were forced to have to have a huge gambling bankroll to play the games that excite you the most online or via a mobile device, for you are going to find some very low staking options available on the games at Tombola Arcade, and one thing to keep in mind is that even when playing for tiny stake amounts there is always going to be a chance you will win big!

High Valued Bonus Offers – The savviest of game players will actively be hunting around the web for game sites that are giving away some of the best valued bonus offers and promotional deals, and from the very minute you sign up to the Tombola Arcade site you are going to be able to make use of their new player sign up bonus, and then make use of their ongoing bonuses too!

Fair and Random Games – All of the arcade games you will be accessing and playing have all been certified as being random fair and true, and as such no matter when you chose to play their range of games or the stakes you choose to play them for you will find you have a great chance of winning and winning big too!

High RTP Games – One thing that you will also be interested to learn is that every single Tombola Arcade game will be offering you some high payout percentages, way higher than the games you will find available for example in a land based amusement arcade. That will ensure you get plenty of play time for your money and many more winning payouts will also be coming your way too!

Lots of New Arcade Games – You will never tire or get bored of the range of arcade games that are going to be available to you either, for not only do they already have a huge suite of games on offer but they are always adding brand new ones onto both their online and mobile gaming platforms too, so do make sure you check out and play some of those new games when you can do!

High Value Jackpots – You could win jackpots as high as £200 or even £500 when playing the very low stake arcade games at Tombola Arcade, but remember the only way you will have the chance of winning one of those jackpots is by actually playing the games they have on offer!

Multiple Banking Options – You will find plenty of different and very convenient ways that you are going to be able to transfer money into your Tombola Arcade account and just as many ways are also available for you to make a withdrawal from your account. You will of course be playing in GBP so you will never have to factor into your gaming session any currency exchange rate fees or charges if you are based in the UK!

Fast Timely Winning Payouts – One additional thing that is always worth knowing is that if and when you do have a winning session playing any of the real money arcade game you are going to be able to make a withdrawal at any time of the night or day. They are a very fast paying games site and as such you are never going to be waiting too long to get those winnings paid back out to you!

UK Gambling Commission Approved – One final thing that we think you will appreciate about the Tombola Arcade site is that they are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and as such you are going to find they adhere to the most robust of industry standards and will always be giving you the very highest levels of service.

You are also going to find that as soon as you log into your account as a real money player you are going to be able to set your own deposit and spending limits, and as such that is something you should always do to ensure that you always gamble responsibly and never spend more money than you intended to do!

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