Sparkling Bingo will now tell your future

You don’t really need talking parrots or tarot cards or crystal balls to know what your future holds. We suggest you to drop down to Sparkling Bingo instead. The monthly Zodiac Bingo promotion has a guaranteed jackpot prize of £1,111for the roomies!

So here’s how you can get started. Each month is dedicated to a particular zodiac sign. This month is time for the practical yet stubborn Taureans. On 20th May at 20:00 hours, the game will be played. As the jackpot price mentioned above is £1,111 here is how the cash prize will get distributed:

  • 1 line – £61
  • 2 lines – £100
  • 3 lines – £150
  • 4 lines – £300
  • Full House – £500 and 20 tickets to the next game

That means you get 5 chances to scoop the huge prize pool. You can start pre-buying your tickets to the game.

But we haven’t told you the best part yet. If your birthday corresponds with the month Zodiac Bingo is played, you get 10 free tickets to the game. Every month, each player can cap maximum of 96 tickets. Bingo Buddha team really hopes the future holds good fortune for you.

This was just a trailer of the big event. There is so much going around at Sparkling Bingo every day. If you are on a sniff for huge jackpot promotions, you must give ‘Grab a Grand’ a shot too. On the first of every month, the game is played wherein jackpot worth £1,000 is at stake. Pre-buy your tickets today for the next month’s game. With every ticket bought, you get one ticket free. That boosts your chances of winning as well.

Join now and take advantage of it all. Head over to Sparkling Bingo and scoop a 150% Welcome Bonus. Also on all your future re-loads, you will receive up to 50% bingo bonus. Wow, that’s cherry on top! Hurry, join now.

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