Some Fun Bingo Facts

By | July 25, 2017

Bingo is certainly a funny old game being played by a broad spectrum of individuals and not simply by older ladies as many would seem to believe. With the advent of online bingo it has reached more people than ever before and it’s popularity is still growing, something you can see by the sheer volume of new bingo sites released into the online sphere. So, here are a few fun facts you may not have come across about bingo.

As we mentioned above it’s not just elderly ladies who like to play, in fact 30% of all players are below the age of 35 with 1 in 5 players being male! That’s quite a shock to many. There are also 2 million or so female players who regularly indulge in a game, that’s a whole lot of players!fun

It’s also reported that 98% of all players have won a game of bingo, however, when it comes to playing online we suspect that everyone who has played regularly has won a game as they are so fast that you can fit many games into a small window of playing time and you won’t risk much cash either is you choose to play in some of the smaller stakes games. The normal length of a given game of bingo is also reported to take 4.5 minutes, though playing online you can switch between rooms at different sites and play various games at the same time if you choose to do so.

Unlike other forms of gambling bingo seems to be somewhat more acceptable and perhaps this is because it’s seen as something of a social event as opposed merely to the pursuit of financial winnings. The overwhelming majority of people asked cited as personal enjoyment which comes along with socialising and and making new friends. To may people bingo is their main social event and it provides a lifeline to some who attend both off and online versions. Winning money came in well down the list at 5th as a reason for taking part in a game of bingo.

On average it was found that 6 new bingo sites are released onto the uk market per month which is a staggering amount – you can take a look at the best bingo sites uk and see what offers are up for grabs at the moment.emmerdale


It has also been proven that bingo is good for the your brain and the mental stimulation that it provides helps improve hand-eye coordination as you locate the numbers called and tick them off quickly. It has also been found to have benefits exceeding those of the game of chess. For those that play in their local bingo hall it can also prove a good form of exercise in the walk to and from the destination. We have in fact gone into more depth on this in an article here.

Online bingo is also popular among many celebrities, some of which support TV campaigns for the bigger companies. You will likely have seen the bingo promotions on popular TV shows such as Jeremy Kyle, Saturday Night Takeaway and Emmerdale to name just a few. Robbie Williams is also a confessed bingo fan, who would have thought it!