Playing Slots With Free Spins Bonuses

By | March 29, 2016

Gambling online attracts thousands of players worldwide every single day. More and more people reveal the magic hidden on the reels and hope that they will be the next winner of a massive multimillion jackpot. However, experienced players of online slots are well aware that jackpots are only one way of leaving a casino with an improved bankroll; these games are often equipped with various special symbols and bonus rounds that can earn lucky players mouth watering prizes of several thousand coins per spin. A classic bonus round that’s been around for many years now and never ceases to be attractive to customers is the free spin feature.slots reel spinning

Free spins are everywhere really; not only you can trigger them while playing the game, but you also can get them as a casino bonus, reward for your loyalty towards an operator and etc. For example, if you throw a glance at this No Deposit Codec review, you’ll notice that half of the reviewed casino’s promotions include free spins. So, rookie players may wonder what the big deal about free spins is and why are they so special. Well, let us explain more about playing slots with free spins bonuses and all the benefits customers get by doing so.

First of all, it should be clear that in order to get such spins you’re rarely obliged to make a deposit. Regardless whether the operator gifts them to you or you manage to trigger them on your own, these spins are completely free of charge and only can earn you additional amount of cash. In other words, when you play slots with free spins you cannot lose; there’s only winning. Depending on the bonus offer, you may be given anything from 5 free spins to over 100. However, the latter packages usually are part of a deposit bonus offer. Once they’re credited to you upon registration or completing a payment, you’ll be able to use them within a predetermined period of time. Depending on their amount, the operator may give you as little as 24 hours to use your free spins or a whole month. Keep in mind that certain bonus offers require members to claim the free spins by using an appropriate code; therefore, be careful not to miss this step and lose the spins you were hoping to get.

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So, what happens after you’ve received a free spins bonus? You need to pay attention to several things before start using it on slots. Check whether the bonus is available on all slots or there is a selected slot on which you can use it. Also, check out the maximum cashout amount as well as other rules in order to avoid making mistakes that could make the bonus void. Afterwards, you’re ready to start your free spins adventure and win some cash. When you access the game you’ll see the number of spins remained and you’ll be able to activate the reels without having to make a deposit. Any prizes won will be instantly credited to your account. The game play won’t be affected by the fact that you have free spins awarded and nothing would be different.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to get your hands on free spins bonuses. You’ll improve your chances of hitting a winning combination and you won’t have to invest lots of cash in order to play longer. However, this also may mean that you won’t be able to hit a progressive jackpot or win more than 100 or 200 coins in total. Hence, our ultimate advice is to consider both the pros and the cons of playing with such bonuses and make a decision that suits your playing style the most.