Mobile Casino Paving the Way for the Future

By | October 3, 2017

Smartphones are the way to the future. No matter what you do physically, a smartphone can help make it easier. Need food? Order it from your phone. Want to get a movie ticket or know the current game score? Your phone to the rescue. Considering all these, it was only a matter of time before the gambling world took notice as well. While using online gambling sites via mobile phones have been around quite some time, dedicated mobile apps to help ease the process, even more, are on the way as well.

Winning Big

Ever been told that gambling is just an illusion? Well, while people may go on to prove these statistically with big numbers and impressive charts, at the end of the day, it is all about getting one lucky break. Talk to a 33-year-old Cebert Morgan, the first man to win a lottery via his smartphone in New York. The lucky man from Woodhaven was the first winner, who went on to win $5,000 on the very first weekend the app Jackpocket was launched. However, while the money certainly seems nice, it is not a very big amount, is it? Well, let us take it up a notch.

Millionaire on Smartphone

Yes, you read that right. A man has recently become a millionaire while trying his hand at gambling from mobile casinos. The payout? cebert morganWell, it was $1.328 million. As for the platform, it was William Hill, one of the most respected bookmakers in the UK. The winner, who has understandably decided not to reveal his identity, is a Wakefield resident who decided to try out his hand at the virtual progressive jackpot slots. Being progressive, the amount kept on increasing along with the number of players who kept trying for it. At the end, the amount stood at £866,000, which is more than double of the previous mobile payout record. Lucky for the 33-year-old forklift operator, who, we are quite sure has retired off his winnings. Joe Crilly, the spokesperson for William Hill went on to state, “This is our biggest ever mobile payout and is probably the biggest win in the history of mobile gaming”.

Needless to say, these examples go on to prove how important smartphone gambling is becoming. In fact, it is soon slated to take over every other form of virtual gambling. Why? Well, simply because a smartphone is much more accessible than a computer. You are virtually able to play your favourite games anywhere at any time. All without having to travel across the town to get a physical ticket to participate in the gambling.

Gambling represents a hope. A lucky break that everyone is looking for. While not all of us can be like the 33-year-old forklift operator from Wakefield or Cebert Morgan, we still try. Who knows, we just might get our lucky break like they did.

So get your smartphone out and try your hand at the mobile gambling apps. You might just become the next big sensation yourself!

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