Hot June promotions at GameVillage Bingo

By | June 11, 2014

Wherever you go, you will see football fever is running high. GameVillage Bingo’s June promotions are sizzling hot. Catching the football fever, the site is ladled with exciting football based promotions where you could win loads of prizes.

Power Bingo is packed with punches this time. If you purchase tickets in any game where the prize pot is worth more than £100 on the purchase of a £1 ticket then you get 1 point. 10 points per game is the maximum limit. It’s a points based prize game where £250 will be shared between all players each week. Score maximum points to win biggest share of prize.

In the Speed Bingo room, win any game on a double digit ball (11,44,66, etc) and score one point for each game. At the end of month all players will share the prize of £1,000. Players with huge points get huge shares of the prize money too.

Come to Village Inn and play the daytime session everyday between 8am and 4pm. The winners are decided by the games they win. If the final ball is called 3 times in a session, they will enter a prize draw to win one of ten prizes of £50 at the end of month.

Cash Dingo players are in for a treat as they win a share of £1,000. £100 each will be given to the top 5 winners of the 50p session and the top 5 winners of the £1 session.

Hop in the Chip Van Bingo room and be one of the winners on the lowest ball each day so that you could win an extra £25.

Spin the wheel is also coming back, once you deposit and wager over £24 you will get one free spin. So watch out for the big game where you play the games for less and gain more. Login at GameVillage bingo now to win more.