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Bingo Cheats

I’ll say this first – anybody who cheats at Bingo needs serious help. However, like everything else – be it the internet, door-to-door, even charity.. – There is somebody trying to make a living out of a fun thing. However, the great thing about Online Bingo is it’s impossible to pull this off; the security… Read More »

Using Bingo to Relieve Stress

Everybody has ways to let off steam. I play video games, I go for walks, I read. If life’s getting you down, maybe you are struggling at University, maybe you are having a hard time with the other half, or work is dragging you to the doldrums. However, it would be ill-informed of me to… Read More »

£64 Million Lottery Winner Fails To Show

It may not be directly related to bingo but we really couldn’t ignore this story! One of the largest lottery wins ever has passed its claim by date and nobody has come forward to claim the winning ticket. It seems hard to imagine that such a win could fall by the wayside, failing to be… Read More »

Bingo Buddha Disapproves

Hardly in keeping with the calm and honest theme of our site we have spotted reports in the news recently of a school office manager using here schools funding to support her online bingo addiction. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly common, with addiction levels rising to their highest ever, Fuelled by the amazing increase and availability of… Read More »