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True Brit’ Bingo!

The English love a game of Bingo. An estimated £12 billion is made per year from bingo alone, making up 9% of the total gambling market worth. There are many reasons as to why it has become so popular in England. Over 8% of the UK Population plays Bingo, 10% of all females and 5%… Read More »

Some Fun Bingo Facts

Bingo is certainly a funny old game being played by a broad spectrum of individuals and not simply by older ladies as many would seem to believe. With the advent of online bingo it has reached more people than ever before and it’s popularity is still growing, something you can see by the sheer volume… Read More »

Bingo and Superstition

Many sports players and gamblers find that superstition plays a huge part in their game. Many poker players have a specific way they take their cards, and many professional athletes will have a pre-event ritual that they must stick to. Bingo is no different, look around the room and check the way people react and… Read More »

Bingo Calls – A Complete Guide

If you have ever wondered about the various bingo calls for the number from 1 all the way up to 90 but have been unable to find a guide that fits them all in then we have the solution for you. Below you can find a comprehensive list of all the bingo calls and nicknames… Read More »

Bingo Trivia

You may love bingo, but do you really know all that much about it? Many of us hold massive enjoyments in sports or gambling activities. We know all of the best players, some of the cool facts, and all the tricks to make it as enjoyable as possible. But there are lots of awesome facts… Read More »