Breaking Your Bingo Online Virginity

By | July 19, 2013

Playing Bingo, as we all know, is a thrill. It’s just fun! However, the fear of playing your first game online can be pretty gripping. It is a whole new world for you if you are used to the comforts of a bingo hall.

Given the variety of new options that are open to you online – for example, you can play USA rules if you are in the UK, and vice versa. It feels like everything you ever knew and loved about Bingo has been evaporated, that you have been confined to a mere section of the rules, that your life training has been wasted!

Bingo Balls

Four rule types exist – 30 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball Bingo – this sounds like some form of revelation right? That the Bingo gods have looked upon you and said “Yee shall be blessed!” When you find yourself uttering entire new sentences, not your usual “Two fat ladies” stuff, it’s suddenly became an entirely new paradigm. But fear not!

But this isn’t all there is! Arcade Games, Scratch Gards, even Card Games! Tremendous! Give yourself a slap in the face – done? – throw some water in your face; make sure it’s all real. Try and contain yourself, we would hate to cause the explosion of a human through sheer intensity! Given that Bingo is no longer a Pensioners gig, it’s for everybody – how else would there be so many Bingo websites? – and it’s time for you to get out there and start to enjoy the glory that is Online Bingo.

18 years old? GET ON IT!

Every website has various types of Bingo games, new rules, varieties, everything, from Deal or No Deal style games to anything you can think of, all your main Bingo websites have something for everybody. Don’t hold back, get involved, most of them even have fantastic sign-up freebies like free credits.

Now when you fall in love with the joys of Online Bingo, try and not pour it a glass of wine as well when you have one – it cannot drink(that’s one of the few on the Cons list) sadly. Giving you an entire new way to play Bingo, it’s quite mesmerising how it’s went from being a once a week past-time to a genuine sport for people.

And Mobile Bingo,  my word, Mobile Bingo! You run toward each other in a big, green field, numbers being called out in the distance, cash raining from the sky, as you and your Online Bingo meet up an share a fantastic moment together.

Re-modelled to turn your life upside down – get on the Bingo websites and have the time of your life!