Bingo Trivia

By | July 17, 2017

You may love bingo, but do you really know all that much about it? Many of us hold massive enjoyments in sports or gambling activities. We know all of the best players, some of the cool facts, and all the tricks to make it as enjoyable as possible.


  • But there are lots of awesome facts about bingo that you should know. Not only will it reinforce your knowledge of the world of bingo, but these stats are all good for luring new players to join you! Get your friends in on the awesome online bingo act, and lure them in with these awesome statistics;
  • In the game of bingo, there are obviously thousands of different combinations of numbers possible. However, there are 1,474,200 bingo card combos which do not repeat in numbers. This is a simply outstanding number, showing just how many different combinations there are, making bingo all about luck!
  • The actual number of unique bingo card combinations, however, is quite insane. The number of different cards available to you are 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000. This means you could play bingo every single minute of your life and still never get every card combination.
  • A maths professor from the University of Columbia went insane after creating 6,000 unique combinations!
  • 96% of all bingo players claim to have won a game of bingo at least once – the mathematics alone make this almost impossible, of course! However, research shows that most bingo players enjoy the fun of the game more than the chance of winning.
  • Bingo games usually take a pretty high number of players, especially online bingo. The largest game of bingo ever was in Ney Work, where 60,000 people turned up to play. 10,000 had to refused entry due to a lack of space!
  • The colour of choice that bingo players use changes from player to player, but the most popular choice is purple. Played in 90% of the world, bingo has a different name in Australia, where it is known as “Housie”
  • Bingo is not only an awesome game, but it is the number one charity game in the world, too. It makes up a massive portion of the fundraisers charities take on to bring in new donations.
  • The biggest winner of a bingo game was an insane $956,000. Although not quite the big million, there are regular winners of large sums in online bingo, and the average bingo game lasts between three and six minutes. Numbers are read out at a rate of one every three seconds, on average.

As you can see, there is a plethora of interesting stats about bingo that make it even more exciting than ever! You can lure people in with these awesome stats, to convince them just how great online bingo is!