Bingo Sites with The Million Pound Drop Slots

By | August 28, 2015

Innovative game developers, Endemol Games, have adapted the successful television game show theme Million Pound Drop for their slot game.

Needless to say, it is in fact easier to win big money from the slot game rather than from the TV game show.

And to add flavour to the riches, players are provided with an environ that is typical to the TV game show, making it easier for players to visualise themselves on the game show!

1. Jackpotjoy: Deposit £10 Play £35

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2. Virgin Games: Deposit £10 Play £30

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3. Heart Bingo: Deposit £10 Play £50

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4. Sun Bingo: Deposit £10 play £40

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Behind the Success of The Million Pound Drop Slots

Common strand that unites every slot enthusiasts is the desire to be entertained and at the same time win a lot of money.

The Million Pound Drop slot does not fail to provide these elements to the players.

Further, as slot fans wish to try out games in different settings, The Million Pound Drop slot theme turns out to be a major attraction.

To provide a perfect replica of the game show, the game developers have included plenty of bonuses in the slot version of the game.


A Blend of Typical Slots and Successful Game Show

Endemol Games have taken proper care to design the slot to attract both the slot players and the TV show fans.

Thus, the slot game is full of symbols, which depict the game show. The given symbols, on falling in line as per the casino terms, provide a chance for the players to play the bonus round.

Once in the bonus rounds, players are provided limitless free spins, which in turn open the flood gates to big money.

The Money Drop Bonus Feature

Of the different bonus features, which are provided, the Money Drop Bonus is a great attraction.

Here the players travel through the trap doors placed in descending order and need to click the right drop to end on a winning note.

Winnings are added to the players’ overall earnings, thereby, providing the players a great chance of earning substantial money, without having to forego any money won in the earlier rounds!

The Million Pound Drop Slot Bingo Sites

This five reel and multi-line slot game, with a good opportunity to win big money while being entertaining, is now offered online at many sites.

The most preferred bingo sites by the players to play this exciting slot game include Sun Bingo and Fabulous Bingo.

The reputation of these two sites, for their high payouts and security environment, has made them the first choice of many players.

For the benefit of the new players, clear instructions are offered on how to play the game at these bingo sites.

The Auto Play option is also provided at these bingo sites to let players relax and watch the fun unfold!

The Free Million Pound Drop Game

Further, to provide practical training to new players, free games have been provided by Endemol Games with the same set of features, which are on display in the real money games.

Thus, without risking loss of money, players can play and learn from the free games as well!

The Million Pound Drop Slots