Bingo Sites with Cherry Red Slot

Older slot machines are often the ones that can surprise you with a high valued spun in jackpot payout, and when you are playing slot games at a bingo site that has the Microgaming designed range of slots on offer one which could appeal to you is the 3 reel Cherry Red slot, see what you make of this slot by reading through our review as you may want to play it once you have done!


Play At The Following Bingo Sites


1. Butlers Bingo: Deposit £10 Play £35



2. Rehab Bingo: Deposit £10 Play £35



3. Dotty Bingo: Deposit £10 play £35



4. Glossy Bingo: Deposit £10 Play £35



Basic playing slot machines are often the ones that you will want to play when playing bingo online for they are not going to be as distracting as some of the many video slot games you can play online. With that in mind below you will find what else this slot game has to offer which is available at all of our listed bingo sites with the Cherry Red as one of their featured slots.

One Pay Line – The Cherry Red slot is a single pay line slot game from Microgaming, but when you play it you can play up to 2 coins per spin and the more coins wagered the higher the jackpot payout becomes.

Wild Multiplier Symbol – You will want to see as many of the Cherry reel symbols spinning onto the pay line of this slot game, for those symbols will double the value of any winning combination that they help to complete as they are wild multiplier symbols and they will quadruple the value of any winning payout when two of them help to form a winning combination too!cherry red slot

1,600 Coin Jackpot – Make sure you think long and hard about how many coins you will be playing per spin on this slot game for the value of the jackpot changes depending on just how many coins you do ager per spin! A one coin spin activates the potential jackpot worth 800 coins but playing two coins spins gives you the chance of winning 1600 coins instead!

No Bonus Games  As with the vast majority of classic three reel slot machines, one thing that is never going to happen when you play the Cherry Red slot game is a bonus game will be trigged, for due to the basic design of this slot there are no bonus games attached or on offer on it!

Fast Spins Option – Clicking onto the option settings tab will reveal a lot of different ways that you are going to be able to configure this slot game, and one way is for you to play off each spin rapidly and that is achieved simply be you activating the quick spin option.

You will be able to play this slot with bonus credits or comped credits when playing at any of our generous listed bingo sites that have the Cherry Red slot on offer, as all of them are famed for their ongoing promotional offers. But when playing it any way you will have plenty of winning spins spinning in due to the Cherry Red slot having a long term expected payout percentage of 95.58%!

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