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By | June 18, 2017

Yes, we have got the name of this slot game right! It is the Winnings of Oz slot and not the Wizard of Oz slot that we shall be reviewing below. In fact, having tested out and given each of those two online slots quite a bit of play time recently we do think you will enjoy playing both of them for sure!

Much like most other slot games there are two things that you can do to ensure this is an affordable slot game to play, the first is that you can freely pick and choose just how many or as few of its 25 pay lines you activate per spin, but keep in mind when you play every single one of the 25 pay lines you will always have the maximum chance of winning.

1. Jackpotjoy: Deposit £10 Play £35

jackpotjoy new


2. Virgin Games: Deposit £10 Play £30

virgin games


3. Heart Bingo: Deposit £10 Play £50

heart bingo new


4. Sun Bingo: Deposit £10 play £40

sun bingo wide

Also, you can increase the coin values to suit both your playing style and your bankroll, the minimum coin value settings however do go all the way down to just one penny, so it could be an ideal video slot game to play for all you penny slot players out there!

The bingo sites that have the Winnings of Oz slots on offer and also the bingo sites that are famed for giving away some of the biggest and by far and away the most generous of bonuses are listed below.

Please do feel free to check out any of them and keep in mind that you are also able to play this slot via a demo mode version o the game to get your head around the way that it plays and pays out too!

Bonus Game and Bonus Features on the Winnings of Oz Slot

The bonus game on the Winnings of Oz slot is a feature trail based bonus game! You first however have to have spun in on reels one, three and five a bonus symbol, but as long as you do get one of those symbols anywhere on those odd numbered reels that bonus game will be triggered and then awarded to you.winnings of oz slot

Once triggered you have to spin on the Spin button on the bonus wheel and that wheel will then spin and stop, the number facing the win arrow will be the number of positions you then move along the bonus trail.

By aware though if you spin in the collect symbol when spinning the bonus wheel the bonus game then ends there and then and you will be awarded with the current cash prize on the position you had landed on.

However, the bonus game cash prizes on every single position on that bonus trail can be increased as you are playing it off and there is also the chance that you can win a progressive jackpot as you are working your way up and along that bonus trail too, so it could be a huge mega paying bonus game if everything falls into place as you are playing it off!

Now, some slot games have above average payout percentages, whilst some slot games will come with a mid-ranged RTP, and as the Winnings of Oz slot does come with a published long term expected payout percentage of some 94.00% we would class that RTP as a mid-ranged one.

However, do keep in mind above all else, that every single spin you do play off on this slot is completely random, and as such you are going to experience both winning and losing sessions, and when you experience a winning session your payout percentage could be way, way higher than its published one, so never be put off playing it online!

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