Bingo Sites Not Run By Cassava

By | June 30, 2017

One of the problems you are going to experience when playing at some bingo sites is that if they are powered by the same software company or all belong to the same group you are not going to be able to claim more than one welcome bonus at each site.

Cassava are sadly a company that operates a huge number of online and mobile bingo sites but tend to not disclose to players prominently on each of their bingo site websites which other bingo sites they own and operate.

As such we have heard of hundreds of players who have signed up to more than one of their bingo sites, claimed a bonus at each one thinking they were entitled to those bonuses only to have their winnings voided once they claimed those bonuses, played them off, won and then tried to cash out their winnings!non cassava bingo sites

It is with that in mind we what to introduce you to a range of bingo sites not run by Cassava, as by playing at any of the bingo sites listed below you are not going to be unfairly treated nor will you have any problems when claiming bonuses at more than one site!

Playtech Bingo Sites

If you do want to play at bingo sites not run by Cassava then you will find the following bingo sites that use the Playtech bingo software platforms are going to give you the very best bingo playing experience.

As you are about to find out these bingo sites are owned and operated by some of the best known gambling relate companies who have a solid and very long track record in giving players and gamblers everything they could ever need.

Bet365 Bingo – You will find Bet365 offer every type of gambling site you can imagine, however their bingo site is a state of the art site and one that is going to give you access to every type of bingo game you can imagine. Being such a huge site too their bonuses are much more generous than other bingo sites so keep that in mind!

Mecca Bingo – With a huge number of bingo clubs dotted around the UK if there is one thing the online and mobile Mecca Bingo site knows about is how to give players everything they could ever want or need to have the very best playing experiences!

15Network Bingo Sites

Another range of bingo sites not run by Cassava are those which utilize the 15 Network bingo platforms, these bingo sites may not be the very best known ones but they are all fully licensed and regulated and are such are site you can trust to pay you when you win and they do all adhere to a very robust set of standards too.

Empire Bingo – The first 15Network Bingo site that we think you will enjoy playing at is Empire Bingo, in fact they have just revamped their welcome bonus so do checkout their website for details!

Bingo Hombre – The Bingo Hombre site is of course a fully themed site and there are no prizes for guessing what it is themed around. Low stake players will appreciate their very low ticket prices too!

Film Bingo – If you enjoy watching movie then you will enjoy the Film Bingo site which is full of players who also enjoy chatting about the very latest and classic films via the bingo chat room whilst playing bingo games!

Bridgend Bingo Sites

Below we will be introducing you to another set of bingo sites not run by Cassava, the following bingo sites are part of the Bridgend Bingo site network and have become very popular with players thanks to their generous and very well thought out bingo promotional offers and bingo bonuses too!

Bingo Hollywood – You will be able to pre-buy tickets as bingo Hollywood and as such you could win a huge jackpot by doing so and will never need to be logged into your account when you do pre-buy ticket as their software keeps track of your tickets automatically!

Monkey Bingo – There is something of a laid back and quite comical atmosphere inside the Money Bingo site, make sure you make use of their chat room facility as you will make lots of new bingo buddies when you do so!

Fancy Bingo – Fancy Bingo has some very unique promotional offers up for grabs and when you take part in their promotions you are going to be locking in lots of playing value!

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