Bingo Sites with Fire Works Slots

By | June 8, 2017

We do know that there are an ever increasing number of slot players who whilst they do love nothing more than playing video slot games want to play them for some fairly low stake amounts.

With that in mind we would like to introduce you to the Fire Works slot, which thanks to its design can be set for some very low stake levels but ones that will always see you getting the maximum chances of winning.

1. Jackpotjoy: Deposit £10 Play £35

jackpotjoy new


2. Virgin Games: Deposit £10 Play £30

virgin games


3. Heart Bingo: Deposit £10 Play £50

heart bingo new


4. Sun Bingo: Deposit £10 play £40

sun bingo wide

This is a slot on which you are forced to put into live play every single one of its pay lines however as there is only ten of them attached to and spread over the five video reels of this slot, and as you can also set the coin values a slow as one single penny then a maximum pay line spin will only cost you 10p! However it can also be played for some much higher stake amounts if you prefer.

The bingo sites that have the Fire Works slot on offer either as a free play or real money slot are all listed below, and one thing to keep in mind if you are not already a customer at any of those sites is that by signing up today, you will be able to take full adventure of the bonus offers, a description of which you will find below also!

Bonus Game and Bonus Features on the Fire Works Slot

One thing we haven’t yet told you about is the jackpot on offer on this slot, when you are playing one coin spin if you are lucky enough to then go onto lining up on any of the pay lines five of the jackpot symbols you will instantly be rewarded with a 5000 coin jackpot payout.

A rather unusual bonus game is also on offer and waiting to be triggered when playing the Fire Works slot and to get that bonus game awarded to you the fuse on the firework displayed at the side of the screen must light and then launch the firework!Fireworks-slot

When it has been awarded to you that bonus game is going to offer a special re-spin feature, what will happen is that one of the reels is going to be randomly selected and will then be covered completely in one of the reel symbols as displayed on the pay table of this slot!

The remaining reels will then be spun, and what you will be then hoping happens after the reels finally stop spinning on that re-spin is that out get other matching reel symbols that match the set of symbols on the randomly chosen reel, in such a way that you have then formed lots of winning combinations. Give this slot some play time for free to allow you to get the hang of that rather unique bonus game!

How does playing a slot game that is one that does boast a fully certified payout percentage of 95.15% sound? Well, that is exactly what you will be doing if you set about giving the Fire Work slot game any amount of play time online, so those winning spins thanks to that generous RTP may just keep on spinning in time and time again.

This slot is however random, and therein lays you chance of having some huge paying sessions when playing it, however being random the opposite could also happen! With that in mind we would always advise you to play this slot for low enough stake levels that will ensure if nothing else you do get plenty of spins out of your bankroll!

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