Bingo Players Cashing in with Bitcoin!

By | January 15, 2018

If you have not discovered the many benefits of switching over to using Bitcoin as your chosen and preferred bingo site payment method, then it really is time to do so, for many players are cashing in big style when they do use that cryptocurrency!

Bitcoin is simply a digital currency and you can buy very quickly and very easily at something known as a Bitcoin currency exchange.

The value of that digital currency is quite volatile at the moment, however if you do make a purchase of any unit of it you can then choose to hold onto it until its value rises and then sell it and lock in what could turn out to be a huge profit.

But more and more people are also opting to use Bitcoin as their chosen bingo site payment method, for you can deposit and play at an increasing number of Bitcoin accepting bingo sites, and by doing so you will often qualify for a range of exclusive bonuses.

If you win then you can also request an instant payout of your winnings which are then sent back to your Bitcoin wallet instantly and with no delays, so gone have the days when you could have to wait days or even weeks to get your hands on your bingo winnings!bitcoins and fiat currency

You may be confused about Bitcoin or a little wary about using it, if so then you really do owe it to yourself to checkout as you will find that website will guide you through the entire procedure for buying that digital wallet and using it to lock in lots of additional bingo playing value online too.

Best Bingo Games to Play

Whilst online and mobile bingo players are free to pick and choose just which bingo games they play, there are some that do give you an increased chance of winning one of the cash prizes on offer, or even winning lots of additional things too!

With that in mind I would steer you to consider playing 90 ball bingo games at any Bitcoin accepting bingo sites you do come across. For each of those games offer not one cash prize but three of them so you do get triple the chances of winning when playing 90 ball bingo as opposed to playing just 75 ball bingo games for example.

However, some bingo sites also offer a range of games that are known as Chat Bingo games. Those games require players to be logged into the chat room as they play and by doing so a range of side games will be played in that chat room.

You may find yourself having to pick a lucky number, and if it is drawn out of the bingo machine before other players lucky numbers, and you shout out Bingo in the chat room you will be awarded with a bonus payout.

In fact, some bingo site even hold quiz competitions in the chat room, so you can win plenty of bonus prizes by answering the questions asked in the chat room in addition to any bingo prizes you win!

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