Bingo On The Brain

By | July 19, 2017

When I was in my first few years of School, we were taught bingo as a means of teaching us things like probability and chance. I’ve since learned that my teacher isn’t a complete genius, it was a common tactic used throughout the globe. It is also used as a tactic to ward off mental stagnation within the elderly.

Wales opened a report into the effects of Dementia & Alzheimer’s.  It was reported that if you engage in activity which stimulates the mind – like Bingo – then it will help combat the effects, and even prevent it from getting started. Bingo was actually used in the tests and it showed a massive 47% increase in the chances of avoiding Alzheimer’s later in life, if you start playing Bingo early.

Though some people complained at the time of the report that they did not have a bingo hall nearby to use, the advent of Online Bingo has changed that completely. People who are disabled or frail can now play from the comfort of home, and keep themselves sharp as a tack!

Obviously, it is better to go to the actual Bingo Hall, as the physical exercise will be good for you, as well as the mental and social benefits you receive from heading out and socialising.

Also, the social aspect of this helps out massively; it keeps the mind nice and active and helps you work on your social abilities.Bingo On The Brain

Bingo challenged several senses; hence it’s power in this instance. You need to be switched on visually – checking your card for the right number quickly – good hand to eye co-ordination is needed to. It also showed in this report that age is not the factor in making your abilities fade, it is misuse. Older players are also likely to be more thorough in their filling out of the cards, which gives them the advantage over younger people who may fill their cards out quicker, but are more prone to mistakes.

It may sound crazy to you that simply playing a fun game like Bingo of all games can help battle against serious mental issues, as has been shown in various studies. It is believed that through the extra work your mind is going through, it helps strengthen and maintain the connection between your brain cells. Even things like crosswords help stave off the forever-looming hands of time.

So there you go, bingo is a strong indicator for staving off serious mental issues in later life. Not only does it keep you physically fit, it keeps you mentally agile and socially adequate, which is a huge thing in later life. People make friends for life in Bingo Halls, online chat rooms and in Bingo Clubs; it’s worth keeping this in mind if you are feeling mentally sluggish. Have a few games, and see how you feel after it – I always feel a lot sharper the next day or two, as my mind has had a strong workout, and I feel accomplished inside and outside.