Bingo Cheats

By | July 17, 2013

I’ll say this first – anybody who cheats at Bingo needs serious help. However, like everything else – be it the internet, door-to-door, even charity.. – There is somebody trying to make a living out of a fun thing. However, the great thing about Online Bingo is it’s impossible to pull this off; the security is top-notch and keeps out the bad guys. You would need to be some form of Batman super villain to crack online bingo for financial gain, and if you are that good, I presume you are going after banks and the like.

One famous example of cheating however is 38 year-old Hilary Keeton from Oklahoma. She used her Computer Sciences graduation to help her twig around the security measures and set it up so she won several games in a row. It turned out – after being spotted on security cameras in a Las Vegas Casino – that Keeton was an engineer that specialized in Bingo equipment.Cheat

Sadly though, Keeton committed suicide when she realised she was caught, jumping off of a bridge. Though they never found out his motives, it’s pretty certain it wasn’t money – online bingo won’t bring you midnight millions after all – they presumed it was just the thrill of doing it that appealed to him.

Another good – or bad however you look at it – idea is to take in fraudulent bingo cards to your local hall. Ensure they resemble the real ones to a T. Obviously, we are not saying to cheat, we are actually stating this so people will be vigilant against these reptiles.

Let’s face it, crime is for the bad guys. Leave it to them. There’s enough money to be made through legitimate means, and certainly enough to be made from bingo while still having fun. Remember, the smartest of us play by the rules, the dumbest try to go through the rules.