Bingo Buddha Watches On – No Deposit Scrooges

By | July 20, 2017

As the number of bingo sites has grown at a quite unbelievable pace over the last 5 years it has led to one of the most competitive online industries, with a real cut throat industry developing as sites attempt to attract new visitors. This is great for players as you know for sure that you’ll never be short of a new offer or two to get your hands on. Watching on as the bingo industry has grown over time has been an interesting ride and always leaves a spectator ready and waiting for the next turn of events. 

Perhaps the biggest trend in offers came from the sites offering a no deposit bonus. This was seen to be a fantastic way to get a new player in, grab their details from registration and then later have them depositing after they had been “persuaded” with a constant flow of emails and telephone calls offering added deposit bonuses. However, we now have to look and see that this type of promotion is dying out. And you may ask just why that is? Well, the answer is somewhat simple. The proliferation of deposit free bonuses has led to a sub-culture of players (you may well be one of them) who actively spends their time seeking out these offers and using them up one by one, like a bee flying from flower to flower and sucking out the honey before discarding it for the next one. Clearly this isn’t good for the bingo industry, and regardless of giving details over most players have become immune to the advertising or simply use another set of emails and fake number to sign up with, meaning any efforts to coax you back into playing at their site is going nowhere. 

Although there’s still quite a few websites offering up these types of bonus it looks as though they may well be extinct in the next year or two. This in itself isn’t entirely a bad thing, as although it was good in its day, you now have people looking to abuse the offers and take the “free cash” and run. This means that even when the bonuses are offered you will find that there’s so many terms and conditions tied in that it’s practically worthless. You will be able to try the site out and get a flavour of what is offered but it’s common that you only get access to a few of the games. 

The moral of the story is, if you really want to check out a site don’t rely on no deposit bonuses, put £5 – £10 aside, deposit it, get your bonuses and have a good time without being a skinflint!