Bingo and Superstition

By | July 24, 2017

Many sports players and gamblers find that superstition plays a huge part in their game. Many poker players have a specific way they take their cards, and many professional athletes will have a pre-event ritual that they must stick to. Bingo is no different, look around the room and check the way people react and respond to the events around them – superstition is all around you.

You may not think that you are superstitious, but pretty much every bingo player is! Even with online bingo, you can have your superstitions – we have heard of people who click three times when they get a number, and click twice when they don’t for example.superstition

Another regular thing that people turn to is lucky charms. It could be anything from a coin, to a lucky piece of jewellery, even a hat or a scarf. All it takes is a good run and somebody to point out that you are wearing a new jacket, or you have been singing a certain song, or you have just been doing something a little different from normal, and it is taken as the sign.

Lucky Charms

Three out of four gamblers carry a lucky charm, even if they won’t admit it they will. People believe that, for example, they could perform better in exams when wearing a specific pair of socks or using a certain pen. Many people have their lucky charms on full display wen playing bingo, it could be anything from a doll to a gemstone. Look around you, you will find an array of comical lucky charms out there!

Lucky Numbers

Another huge part of bingo is lucky numbers. It may be the number you seem to get the most, or a number that won you your first jackpot in bingo. Your lucky number could be another players curse, too. You might think you have been blessed by the gods for getting your lucky number, but it may completely ruin somebodies streak and prevent them from winning!

Gambling or Fun?

If you go to bingo for fun, then you will find that sometimes your night goes smoothly and you might even pick up a jackpot. However, if you go in solely with the need or the intention to win, then you might struggle to get yourself in the game.

Try and remember that bingo is a game of chance, if you want to try and give yourself a better chance of winning, then look for online bingo websites that offer the biggest of paybacks, or games with smaller groups of players. You might then that your superstitions will not affect your game quite so much!