£64 Million Lottery Winner Fails To Show

By | January 31, 2013

It may not be directly related to bingo but we really couldn’t ignore this story! One of the largest lottery wins ever has passed its claim by date and nobody has come forward to claim the winning ticket. It seems hard to imagine that such a win could fall by the wayside, failing to be picked up by the (unlucky) winner. With the extensive media coverage placed on the story you would have been hard pressed not to have seen the story covered in the news and at least have thought to yourself, ah, I bought a ticket that week, might be worth having a look! I know I certainly did!National Lottery

Every cloud has a silver lining though, and this particular cloud sees a whole lot of cash going directly to charity and a range of worthy causes will be benefiting from one individuals misfortune, so it certainly isn’t all bad! But just imagine if you were to realise at some time in the future that it was you who had bought the ticket – soul destroying wouldn’t even come close! The sheer amount of bingo games and hours of fun and thrills which would no doubt have been enjoyed can only make you think and feel a touch a grief at the owners loss! 

Now that reporters have lost the story of seeking out the elusive winner they have turned to the not very original but clearly thought provoking line of “How would it make you feel?” The sheer amount of emotions stirred up are quite nearly impossible to put adequately into words but may go something along the lines of “Beyond gutted” or “emotionally crippled”. Let’s just hope that the winner/loser of this mega jackpot was so deserving of it and perhaps Karma has been at play somewhere along the line! 

What are your thoughts on the matter? Leave a comment below and let us know how you’d feel to have missed out on such a prize!